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VICTOR DE MELLO fotografiert für MADAME


Victor de Mello was born in the Cape Verde Islands, growing up in Lisbon, Portugal, moving to Rio de Janeiro at the age of 17 which sparked a life-long passion for travel and a desire to experiences new cultures and taking him to homes as diverse as Edinburgh, Singapore, London, Cape Town, Copenhagen and New York.

The melting pot of cultures combined with his former careers as a Deep Sea Diver and professional model are the main influences on his photographic world.

Simple lines and complex expressions
Victors early passion for large format Polaroid
Photography remains in tact within his current work, the large format serving to translate the modern gloss of the contemporary photographic world into images which retain the integrity of the classic photographers studio while generating portraiture with a level of intensity perfect for conveying the complexity of human emotion.

Through a contemporary narrative laced with
sensuality his images walk a tightrope between
innocence and raw sexual power.


Redaktion: Ilona Ulrich
Assist: Bruno Gentofanti, Anna Brandelik
MakeUp: Anna Krarup
MakeUP/HAARE: Stefan Kehl
Model: Laia Moliner


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